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Cleaning Services


Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning service will offer a top to bottom complete cleaning package:

-remove cobwebs

-dust blinds

-wipe window seals

-dust baseboards

-clean and sanitize bathrooms

-clean and sanitize kitchen areas

-dust and wipe all other areas

-vacuum all carpets and area rugs

-sweep and mop floors

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning service is carefully designed to meet individually each of our customers needs. Some of our basic office cleaning:

-clean and sanitize all bathroom areas

-clean and sanitize all kitchen and lunch areas

-clean and sanitize all door knobs and lights switches

-dust and wipe surfaces

-empty trash and replace liners

-vacuum all carpet areas

-dust mop all bare floors

-mop all bare floors

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning service is a great addition to any regular or deep cleaning service.

Using a commercial grade scrubber:

We will make sure that all build up from tile and grout areas will be cleaned to out best ability

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Our move in and move out service is a very complete cleaning service that will cover every outside areas of your home and also clean and sanitize inside all cabinets and closets

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is a great service that helps bring back your home to complete shine and freshness.

Our deep cleaning service is carefully designed to meet all our customer's needs individually and can include as following:


-remove all calcium and soap scum

-remove toilet rings

-wash walls and baseboards

-wash door and frames

-clean and sanitize all other areas

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Carpets/Furniture Cleaning

Our carpet and furniture cleaning service consists in scrub and wash all areas that need cleaning using a commercial grade scrubber with soft brush. Rinse carpets, and furniture using a two motor commercial extractor. 

Apply to enzyme based odor remover to bring your carpet smell to an awesome freshness fragrance.

Window Cleaning

With window cleaning, we do the following:

-vacuum all tracks

-pull out screens and wash them

-wash window frames

-wash blinds and shutters

-wash glass inside and out

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