La Shine

Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning (continued)

Our deep cleaning service is a great service that helps bring back your home to complete shine and freshness.

Our deep cleaning service is carefully designed to meet all our customer's needs individually and can include as following:


-remove all calcium and soap scum

-remove toilet rings

-wash walls and baseboards

-wash door and frames

-clean and sanitize all other areas


-wash cabinets

-clean stove

-clean oven

-clean and polish stainless steel

-pull out stove to clean underneath

-clean inside and out of fridge

-pull out fridge to clean underneath

-scrub counter tops

-scrub sink

-wash floor by hand

All Other Areas:

-wash walls and baseboards

-wash doors

-wash blinds

-move all furniture that can be moved by 2 people

-vacuum or shampoo carpet

-mop all floors